Hey! This Isn't Right!

I guess a group of "investment firms and hedge funds" are Chrysler's demons. 6:20 in the video. Linked here.

The level of control the president has been exercising here must be brought up. He emphasizes that this process will be "quick", "efficient", and "controlled". If this doesn't terrify you, you aren't thinking about it.

To characterize the president's actions as unjust is close to a patriotic imperative. He has been able to draw those banks that have accepted TARP money to his heel and force them to abide by his diktat as concerns the Chrysler bankruptcy. It should be a gigantic; neon exclamation point that those who object to the government's handling of this event are those who have not taken TARP money. 

These healthy financial institutions, who have not taken a dime of government money are forced to deal through those who have taken taxpayer dollars in order to gain a voice in negotiations. I'm still just a neophyte, but if this isn't criminal, it should be.

From the open letter of the "investment firms and hedge funds," courtesy of John Carney

As much as anyone, we want to see Chrysler emerge from its current situation as a viable American company, and we are committed to doing what we can to help. Indeed, we have made significant concessions toward this end - although we have been systematically precluded from engaging in direct discussions or negotiations with the government; instead, we have been forced to communicate through an obviously conflicted intermediary: a group of banks that have received billions of TARP funds.

Perhaps these guys are engaged in doublespeak as much as Obama. Look to the point about how they must deal through conflicted intermediaries; in the past there has been a certain binary question. That question has been: Is this the government, or is it a private company? Who exactly are investors dealing with?