Dustin Curtis Has A Pretty Good Point...

This post was originally published on a prior version of my site. 

Dustin Curtis recently did a redesign of American Airlines' website (apparently out of sheer frustration) and he makes a pretty good point...check out his rant here and his redesign here

How does a company like American Airlines justify having such a medieval website? Are they actually trying to prevent customers from booking on line? They are actually driving people (like me) away from their website to places like kayak that make it possible to book a plane ticket without internal hemorrhaging. 

Businesses need to begin to understand that a website is essentially another employee. Having a website as archaic as American's is kind of like having these guys greet your customers. 

"Duuuuhh...you wanna go to Fiji?" AA should listen to Mr. Curtis...at least get the guy on the right a clean shirt.