Adventures in Brooklyn's B-Side Parks

One of the things that you realize when you spend time in parts of Brooklyn that are not synonymous with cultural movements is that if you try, you can really avoid the crowds out here. 

It's also really nice. I had a lot of fun today exploring McGolrick Park in Greenpoint, which is one of the nicer outdoor spaces I can think of. It wouldn't be that remarkable if it was crowded with people...what's remarkable about it is that it's beautiful and empty. 

This photo was taken 30 minutes away from Grand Central Station. 

Golrick's also remarkable for the mixture of historical significance and rich irony that seems to permeate it. Let's encapsulate that.

Ordinarily I'd take a lot more offense at what is quite clearly vandalism of a war memorial, but something about this one doesn't quite strike me that way. Given that we're in Brooklyn, it actually feels much more natural to have this icon clutching a bike wheel than a sword or gun. 

It's actually kind of great to see the militarism so effectively sucked out of a war goddess. It gives the park a sort of preciousness that is tough to plan or replicate. The biggest group of people in the park (and the only observable noise besides the ice cream man) was this princess-themed birthday party.

And right next to that, the sort of completely open emptiness that New York City is derided for lacking.